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Manage your food intolerances.

Adapt any recipe easily with the free Make it Mine app.

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Make it Mine

Make it Mine: Cook safe meals



The road to finding out how to manage your food allergies or intolerances can be a long and hard one. But it doesn't have to be! The Make it Mine App enables people with complex food allergies or intolerances to cook any 'unsuitable' recipe they want by replacing harmful ingredients with the best alternatives. Make it Mine aims to bring peace of mind to those who have lost control over their eating experience.

How It Works


Select the food components that you want to avoid in your profile.


Choose or import any recipe.


Harmful ingredients are detected and replaced with alternatives.


The recipe gets adapted to your needs. Start cooking!

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About Us

Everybody has their own dietary preferences.

When managing dietary sensitivities, such as food allergies or intolerances, people usually find that avoiding trigger foods gives the best results in silencing their symptoms. However, they often have great difficulty with following such a strict diet. Although there is a vast number of recipes out there, these people still have a lot of difficulty to find recipes that are suitable for them, since food sensitivities are usually very personal and unique. In their searching process to find suitable recipes, usually online or in cookbooks, many recipes get discarded because they contain only few unsuitable ingredients. As a consequence...


Let food be your medicine.

"We dream of a future where everybody has access to a personalized eating experience."


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