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You don't need to adapt to the recipe. The recipe needs to be adapted to you. 

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People with dietary restrictions, such as food intolerances, have great difficulty with following a strict diet. Although there is a vast number of recipes out there, these people still have a lot of difficulty to find recipes that are suitable for them, since food intolerances are usually very personal and unique. In their searching process to find suitable recipes, usually online or in cookbooks, many recipes get discarded because they contain only few unsuitable ingredients. As a consequence, only very few recipes are left that match their requirements. This is why most people with dietary restrictions find it extremely hard to find good recipes that are suitable for their personal needs.


But the fact is that there is a way to make all existing recipes accessible for them, and that is with our recipe personalization tool. Simply run any existing recipe through our tool, and it will be transformed into essentially the same recipe, but made with ingredients that you can eat. This isn't only great when cooking for yourself,  but also when family or friends need to cook for you and you want to eat the same dish! 

the founders

Hi there! We are Jaime and Sébastien and we have been living with complex food intolerances for many years. Our idea to create Make it Mine originated in our frustrations to eat at our friends' places. Eating at friends right now is just downright awkward, isn't it? You don't want them to go out of their way to treat you special, and they don't want to make something that will cause you pain. We're sure that we are not the only ones that are tired of this. Next to that, there is also the struggle of finding recipes when only cooking for yourself. Therefore, we decided to make our lives and the lives of our friends and family much easier by creating a platform that personalizes all existing recipes. This way, everyone involved is relieved of the stress that something so simple as having a meal can bring along.  We are very open to feedback, so hit us up with a message if you want to contact us!

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