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Here are some frequently asked questions that might answer your question.

Where is the Make it Mine app available?

Currently the Make it Mine app is only available in Belgium and the Netherlands. The languages available are English and Dutch. We currently don't have a view on when we will make the app available in more countries but we are doing our very best to accelerate this so we can help even more people as soon as possible. 

Where does Make it Mine get their knowledge from?

The Make it Mine app is not only a convenient tool for individuals with food sensitivities, but it is also based on scientific evidence. Our team of experts have extensively researched and analyzed the latest studies and guidelines in the field of food allergy, intolerance and sensitivity management. We have collaborated with reputable allergists, dietitians, and chefs to ensure that our recipes and ingredient substitutions are safe and nutritionally balanced. The proposed alternatives have been optimized according to taste and texture in warm (!) recipes. Our app is regularly updated with the latest research to ensure that our users have access to the most current and reliable information. We aim to make recipes 100% safe but encourage our users to always stay alert for possible flaws. Did you manage to find something that we overlooked? Make sure to send us an email at This way, you help us improve the Make it Mine app!

Are you getting the error message 'verification link expired' after registering?

When registering, make sure your email adress and passwords are written correctly. After pressing the 'register' button, do not press the 'back' button because this undoes your registration. You should instead go straight to your email app to press the verification link. This should solve your issue. If it doesn't, contact

Do you have an other question or something you want to share with us?

Send us an email at

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